Are You at Risk for Lymphedema?

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If you're diabetic or have recently undergone cancer treatment, you might be at risk of developing lymphedema. Affecting more than 200,000 Americans every year, Lymphedema is a condition where fluid builds up in your tissue, which can result in swelling and pain.

Common symptoms of lymphedema include aching and discomfort, swollen limbs and severe fatigue. If you're suffering from lymphedema, Allied Health Advantage can help. We offer full-service treatment options for clients in Benton, ME and surrounding areas.

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Providing comprehensive lymphedema care

There may not be a cure for lymphedema, but Allied Health Advantage can help you manage your swelling and live life more comfortably. We use specialized lymphedema equipment and can create a custom treatment plan to meet your needs.

Our specialist can:

  • Treat existing cases of lymphedema
  • Detect early signs of lymphedema
  • Create custom compress garments to reduce swelling

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Get a custom compression garment

Searching for a local medical supplier that creates custom compress garments? Look no further than Allied Health Advantage. Our lymphedema specialist can create a custom garment to help reduce swelling and pain caused by fluid build-up.

We work hard to make sure our garments are as comfortable as possible while remaining snug. Find out why we're a preferred local medical supplier.