Rely On the Local Lymphedema Specialists

We utilize advanced lymphedema equipment at our office in Benton, ME

Here at Allied Health Advantage, we are consistently striving for excellence. First in the state, top of the line equipment will help to confirm your diagnosis and adds a great resource to your medical professional who is monitoring your condition. Our goal is to help you treat your diagnosis upon early onset and continue to manage it throughout your lifetime.

SOZO by Impedimed

This equipment is FDA approved to assist the diagnosis of early onset lymphedema. It can pick up subtle changes in your lymphatic system such as fluid and body mass changes at the most intricate of levels.

Start lymphedema treatment early

Start lymphedema treatment early

If you notice that one of your arms or legs has started to swell after cancer treatment, Allied Health Advantage can help. We use cutting-edge equipment that makes early detection of lymphedema possible.

Using lymphedema equipment like our Styku machine, we can scan your body and monitor any signs of swelling or fluid build-up. Set up an appointment in Benton, ME today.